I’ve made the move to WordPress a little quicker than I thought I would, but so far I’m pretty happy. I’ve managed to set up the RSS feeds and worked out the tags and categories features, though there’re still some kinks to work out. For instance,  now that I don’t have complete control over my html, I need to figure out how to install Google Analytics. Perhaps over the weekend.

For now, I’ll slowly migrate posts that are relevant from the old site over. For clarity, all the media stuff will be covered here, personal stuff goes on Unique Frequency.

I have to admit there’s a certain thrill to seeing my own blog posts appear on my Google Reader feed.


5 Responses to “Moved!”

  1. iammyy Says:


  2. *dor Says:

    …if you’re not going to host the blog on your own server, analytics ain’t gonna work… I hate WP for banning javascript and the likes!! grrrrr

  3. uniquefrequency Says:

    dammit! thanks dor.

  4. the fiancee Says:

    you’re a geek! and trinky the triceratops is sitting in front of me. hur. yes that’s her name.

  5. johnny Says:

    u are a freaking narcissist! it’s almost like voyeurism where u get high looking at yourself! WTH!

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