Underutilising the Internet

Today, pure linky goodness. First Social Media class pretty much blew me away. In the 5-10minute demonstration, I realised that while I consider myself fairly advanced in Web 2.0, there is a lot I haven’t fully utilised. Sure I know about Technorati and Flickr and del.icio.us and Digg, but I can’t say I’ve really used them. Time to slowly change that, starting with Feedheads on Facebook.

If you want to be blown away and be convinced that you’re way underutilising the internet, watch this, the Information R/evolution:

and this

And finally, as posted on CommunicateAsia, there is a TED video on health warnings for laptop users. Particularly males. You need to watch this video.

Johnny mentioned the new Radiohead model in the comments section. That’s actually something I was paying very close attention to when it was making headlines because it was a hot topic during BSM class. If I can find the links I’ll post something up and comment on them. (Gosh I’d be able to find those links in an instant if I had tagged them with del.icio.us.)

Finally, I’ve decided not to wait until my contract ends up to start a wordpress blog. If I can find the time, I’ll move within the week, if not next.


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