Totally Unexpected Find

This is really the whole idea of the Web connecting people/things/ideas come to life.

So first I open my Google Reader and see a feed from Brand Autopsy, with three links. One of them being The Pirate’s Dilemma. Sounds pretty interesting, so I click on that.

That brings me to a page talking about the book with a nice little video talking about the book. I actually think it’s pretty interesting, the premise being about how youth culture (hey, that’s us!) is driving innovation and changing the way things work. Actually this brings up a topic in Michael Netzley’s class today where he was wondering why locally, companies who set up websites still do it the old, Web 1.0 way when we’re in the age of Web 2.0.

And the answer is clear. From my time at MTV and visiting various companies in New York, the “old” people in charge of the companies can barely work powerpoint. They’d be scared into next year by the idea of “communication” or “trackbacks” or anything like that.

Anyway, after reading up a little bit about The Pirate’s Dilemma and adding it to Google Readerm I decide to check out the main page, and it brings me to the blog, and a post about JJ Abrams at TED. I love JJ Abrams for Alias and Lost (and in a few days, Cloverfield), and I love TED. So from all that unexpected linking, here’s an awesome TED video. (But then, aren’t they all?)

Edit: I’m sorry I can’t seem to embed the video. I know my html skills don’t suck, but still, something is wrong. Watch the video here.

Takeaway from today? Check your feeds often and follow the links. You’ll never know what you’re going to get.


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4 Responses to “Totally Unexpected Find”

  1. johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy) Says:

    Daryl … so glad you found your way to Matt Mason’s THE PIRATE’S DILEMMA. Pick-up a copy of the book and riffle through chapter 3. In this chapter, Mason shows how the idea of remixing music has actually remixed commerce. It’s a brilliant take. Thanks for the link love.

  2. Michael Netzley Says:


    do you have your pingback turned on? Cheers!


  3. Pages tagged "unexpected" Says:

    […] bookmarks tagged unexpected Totally Unexpected Find saved by 1 others     thtsmrsway2ubetch bookmarked on 01/22/08 | […]

  4. Adventures In Social Media #1 « Unique-Frequency Says:

    […] A little probing around later, I realised that I should get into direct contact with Derrick because he’s an Arsenal fan, clearly has a thing for marketing and new media and even has a post on the same JJ Abrams video at TED that I posted about awhile back. […]

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