Singapore In The Google Race?

John Battelle posts on his Searchblog that he doesn’t think $100k as the prize for building a new search engine is going to cut it as reported here.

Since he wrote The Search (a whole book on Google, it’s competitors and the search industry, which I used extensively for reference for my paper on them), I’m inclined to believe he’s right. Although for me, the reasons stretch beyond the $100k prize.

1) We don’t have a university environment like Larry Page and Sergey Brin had at Stanford. Our universities are too academic based. Also, I sure would like to see a school here letting students use their resources for a project like that!

2) We don’t have investors who are comfortable with investing $25m to develop the engine to take off.

3) I’m not sure we even have the people who can write the search algorithms.

4) Finally, as my Strategy professor says, there’s a reason why Creative from Singapore developed the mp3 player, and then let Apple take that away.

5) As a tongue-in-cheek point, Singapore’s too obsessed with efficiency to pay attention to things like culture (and free food!) the way Google does. From the visit to their office in New York, I can safely say that that sort of focus on having a happy work environment, doesn’t exactly exist here.

What do you think? The next Google or something like it originating from our tiny island?


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3 Responses to “Singapore In The Google Race?”

  1. TIMMGuru Says:

    You are right. Singapore won’t be able to build the search engine – not a finished product like Google.

    The whole idea for the search engine competitive is not to build the search engine but to promote Fusionpolis and attract researchers to work here.

    I thought it would have been better if A*Star were to take the Wikinomics approach with lots of humility. I think we getting too cocky.

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