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I had a little dicussion with Dor about blogs around the time I set this up, and she chose WordPress and Blogspot as her favourites, and I chose WordPress and LiveJournal (LJ). Let’s take a look why:


  • RSS
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Trackbacks/Pingbacks


  • You know when your comments are replied to (I really want this function)
  • Friends
  • Communities


‘Nuff Said.

I have to admit I’m a little peeved with Google tonight. Buttons I could find using Toolbar 4 I couldn’t find using Toolbar 5, and editing bookmarks on Toolbar 5 is a chore because it opens Google Notebook (although I love Google notebook). I hope all this gets ironed out by the time Toolbar 5 gets out of beta stage.


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One Response to “WordPress > LiveJournal, WordPress >> Blogspot”

  1. the fiancee Says:

    after having been through all 3 extensively, i think LJ is still the best. i can’t live without friends. and the ability to customise who i want to have access to my blog.

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