Basic Carpark Economics

For the third day this week, I find myself parking in the reserved lots in SMU, indirectly opening myself up to getting my wheel clamped, and paying $100 to get it released.

I think for most of us, this is a fairly new phenomenon, and lots were readily available, if not abundant 6 to 12 months ago. So what has changed?

Looking around the school, we have many talks, seminars courses and the like happening on a daily basis. Putting basic demand and supply to place, the school just clearly has expanded these various sessions, without the consideration that our carpark lots are not going to expand in proportion (or rather, at all).

Personal feeling aside, what does this communicate about the school? For one, if i’m a company holding one of these sessions in this school, but people coming for my sessions have problems finding parking to get to my sessions (keep in mind that these sessions are probably costing me money), then I’m just going to hold my sessions elsewhere in future.

Secondly, it tells the public that there’s no internal communication within the school. Holding more of these talks than the infrastructure can take, without considering the consequences, doesn’t really say much about a business school, does it? I really find it hard to believe that the school teaches operations management and business processes, but doesn’t seem to apply it to our own operations. 


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