Late Comr To Flickr

I just got onto Flickr and I’m still getting the hang of it. I can’t really decide if I want to just use Facebook, or use both Facebook and Flickr. (is there a good application for transferring photos back and forth? those I’ve tried just aren’t doing it for me.)

Comparison: Flickr Album and Facebook Album

The downside to Flickr at the moment, is that being a free blog on wordpress, I can’t get the Flickr Badge to appear on the sidebar. (So I’ll put it here)

edit: I couldn’t get it to appear here either, so the Flickr Badge is at my personal blog on the top right. Apologies for the back and forth.

So to everyone else: Which do you prefer? Facebook? Flickr? Something else like Picasa? Or a combination of some? Let me know.
Update: Flickr takes an aweful long time to upload (compared to Facebook). I think I’m going to have to fully explore what (if any) social benefits there are, before I think about using it again…. If you’re a Flickr user, please let me know what I’m missing out on!!

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