Follow Up On Singapore’s Google Race

I’ve been blogging multiple times a day for the last few days and sometimes I wonder if it’s an overkill, but yet there’s so much in the blogosphere that I really feel I need to share.

One great conversation that has been picked up, is that of Singapore attempting to create the next Google which I posted about here. While I certainly don’t claim to have started this conversation, it’s been talked about in other sites like Geek SG and TIMMGuru posted a very Singaporean comment (and I mean that in a good way), about how this isn’t so much about the ends of creating a Google clone, but the process in which Singapore gets the publicity (mockingly so or not), which then serves the purpose of attracting talent.

What are your views on the issue? Comment here, over at GeekSG or TIMMGuru, it doesn’t really matter, but the web should hear the voices of others – particularly Singaporeans – on what they think on the issue.


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2 Responses to “Follow Up On Singapore’s Google Race”

  1. Mike Reynolds Says:

    I don’t believe in Google killers. What I believe in is that a targeted search engine can create a thriving business and be worth a few million or more. But, for now, no one is going to catch up to Google.

    Google has threats of course.

  2. Mike Reynolds Says:

    Hello again Daryl. I think there is plenty of opportunity in search. While government supplied funds are nice, private or public capital is even better due to high levels of expectation being set.

    On the other hand, I think Google Custom Search offers an easy way to create a relevant search engine for Singapore. It is powered by Google, but offers financial incentives to those designing the search. Here’s a link to learn more:


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