Content Or Popularity? The Follow-Up.

Well now that we know what Mitch Joel would say about the content or popularity post, I’ve been thinking about it and I would say that there’s definitely a divide/separation/segregation between the content blogs, and what I like to call the Meepok Blogs, where people type “today I went to eat meepok” or whatever they had for breakfast. (For non-Singaporeans, meepok is a type of noodle available at most places).

So knowing that these different types of blogs exist, my next question would be: Where does the interaction, or possibility of interaction, exist between the two “genres” of blogs?

I realise that content bloggers very rarely¬†have Meepok posts, and similarly the other way round. In fact I remember reading an advertising blog that wasn’t half bad, until the author posted something that sounded a lot like a personal, whiny rant, which was just so jarring and inconsistent with the advertising of the blog.

So what do you think? Is it inevitable to have this divide between Meepok and non-Meepok blogs? Or is there some interaction, hidden or otherwise, where all these authors come together?

Update: From Mitch Joel:

“I think Journey finding a singer like this answers your question. There are enough people looking for all sorts of different stuff that it’s the niches that matter.

It’s a story like this that inspires someone like Christopher S. Penn and myself to be re-energized about this space.

It sounds like you’re trying to create a co-relation between this type of media and Mass Media – you can’t.

Some niches have bigger audiences – and some people play towards that bigger audience.”

Thanks, Mitch!


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3 Responses to “Content Or Popularity? The Follow-Up.”

  1. Xiaxue’s iPhone Fiasco: Entertaining But Negative For Singapore’s Social Media Scene « Unique-Frequency Says:

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  2. Rachel Says:

    Basically I think there would be a divide between those who use blogs as a diary and those who use blogs as a writing platform.

    One exception that I can think of though, is Mr Brown, who had successfully managed to write insights about social and political issues and who also uses his blog to talk about his life and family.

    PS – I have just discovered your blog and have found many posts to be extremely interesting and thought provoking – and this is coming from someone who is totally not interested about social media.

  3. Daryl Tay Says:

    Hi Rachel thanks for dropping by! And thanks so much for the kind words. I have to agree with you that Mr Brown is a pretty rare case. I think as social media gets more and more popular, examples of this will increase. I’ve checked out your blog, and I’d say you are interested in social media, maybe not from an academic/business standpoint, but certainly from a personal one like leveraging blogs. I hope stuff I’ve written is relevant and useful to you too =)

    ps: my blog has changed to, you should check that out instead of the old WordPress one =)

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