Are You An Email-Holic?

Tina Su is, very nicely summed up and characterised by

“I would be writing an article or in the middle of work, my mind would wander and my hands would automatically fire-up my email inbox. If my inbox was full, I’d spend the next hour answering emails or reading links from emails. But, even if I didn’t get any emails, I would start visiting another site I frequent, or I’d check my web stats. Thirty minutes or an hour would go by. I would realize how much time I’ve just wasted and I’d think to myself, “Ahhh! Crap! Shoot me! Okay, I better get back to what I was doing.”

I was reading that, and thinking “Hey that sounds like me!” I mean I literally spent two hours doing that just this morning. There are excellent “rehab” methods on her blog posts, I’d recommend anyone flooded with emails to check it out!

The amazing thing about Tina’s site, is that it went from 0 To 2000 Subscribers in just 3 months, and the amazing thing is she didn’t know anything about blogging when she started, but had three important reasons why it became that successful. Very inspirational for someone like me who’s just started a “serious” blog. I’d recommend everyone to check it out. Of course, Tina has just added one more happy subscriber to her list! (The 5th new addition to Google Reader today)

In other news, something I’m really excited about: Developments on Y: The Last Man. Y is a comic book series (or graphic novels) that chronicle the story of Yorick Brown after an epidemic wipes out all the males in the world. That description doesn’t do it justice, if you’re interested in it, leave a comment and I’ll try to lend you a copy or something.


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One Response to “Are You An Email-Holic?”

  1. Tina Su – Think Simple Now Says:

    Thanks for mentioning our post here. I appreciate. 🙂

    Love & Gratitude,
    Think Simple Now. ~ Clarity & Happiness

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