Twitter 102, Fighting Procrastination With Productivity

As a follow up to my Twitter 101 post, I came upon 2 articles featuring Twitter this week:

Twitter is a way to record thoughts and ideas that you search – it’s a history
Twitter connects you to a larger world outside of the classroom and even the country
Students can follow people who do what they want to do or who they admire and get a sense for their job and life
Twitter can improve writing and punctuation

There’s some controversy about the classroom article because the students in question are 6th Graders, and I think that’s fine. Let them be exposed to Twitter at an early age and all that. But more importantly, who’s going to teach people like us? I think I have 2 friends (in the similar age group) on Twitter, and unless that number grows to reap substantial network externalities, it’s hard to see that catching on.

Similar sentiments regarding news. Running a Campus Radio station, sometimes it is hard to get the most updated news. Wouldn’t that all change with Twitter? However, again, it depends on whether sufficient people are using it to highlight news, for anything to be really gained out of it.

Next up, if you’re someone who is guilty of procrastination (as I am), here is a free ebook by Fruitful Time called Stop Procrastination Now and here’s a guide to Lazy Productivity. I found them both to be pretty helpful.

Finally, if you were too lazy to check out Jaffe Juice #102 for the Scrabulous jingle, Ariah was kind enough to provide the youtube link, so watch it right here. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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4 Responses to “Twitter 102, Fighting Procrastination With Productivity”

  1. the fiancee Says:

    hur i’m on twitter too but i stopped using it for awhile cos nobody i knew IRL was using it!

  2. Andre Says:

    don’t you think the people on twitter are mostly geeks (other than media companies)? or at least people who are actively participating in the web 2.0 revolution, and have been reading the right blogs/websites?

    i too don’t have as many friends (in the same age group) on twitter. i just try to spread the use of it as much as possible (i made sure that my group got the microblogging topic for our social media mini-group presentation) hopefully that would spark some interest in twitter among our peers.. interestingly, Singapore ranks 9 on the global distribution of twitter users (

    i guess the people you follow on twitter depends on what u use it for. if it’s to see what your friends are doing, then it would be nice to have them on it but facebook handles that already. i mainly use it to listen to what’s going on online, and to receive news updates.

    just my two cents.

    see u in class!

  3. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Andre: yeah I totally agree. I’ve been reading the Twitter sites and still can’t really find a way to use it so that it becomes better than facebook. I did find some apps on it, will blog about that soon. thanks for the comment!

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