A Starbucks Blog?

John Moore over at Brand Autopsy tells us why Starbucks Must Blog. And I’m inclined to agree with him, but I think besides the very real business concerns, there is a bigger why:

Clearly, Starbucks was ahead of the curve with tapping into satisfying the consumer need of a Third Place—a place besides home and work where people could form community. But consumers have evolved from needing a Third Place to needing a Third Space. This Third Space includes social media spaces like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, Twitter, and many more. These are spaces where meaningful online communities are forming.

I’ve had my share of unpleasant experiences at Starbucks, and I admit if I send in an email, I get an apologetic reply (and a free cup of coffee). But sometimes I really want to send an email back saying “Do you really think just that free cup of coffee is going to gain back that loyalty from me?”

Starbucks’s unwillingness to engage the public and blogosphere is unfortunate, but not surprising (Apple’s Social Media Hell, anyone?). Just two days ago I was talking about social media and blogging to an older professional, and blogs were instantly dismissed (perhaps due in part to the state of local blogging here in Singapore).

To quote John Johansen’s comment: It’s going to be an uphill battle for the foreseeable future

How sad that I’m writing this while having breakfast at a Starbucks.


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5 Responses to “A Starbucks Blog?”

  1. the fiancee Says:

    so i was at starbucks buying a quiche yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to receive a cny package of mandarin oranges and red packets from them.

    hur and yes i agree that apple is social media hell. my assumption is why work at it when you have the cult of mac? perhaps it’s time to pay my comms dept a call. wait a minute, do we even have one in sg…hmm…

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Starbucks has got a cult like following, just like Apple Computers. I belong to the former and is soon going to convert into the latter. sigh.

  3. Tasj Says:

    starbucks is just another reason why i support local-run businesses wherever possible.

  4. John Johansen Says:

    Thanks for the reference. I just checked out the Brand Autopsy post and wrote an exhausting post of my own. Not exhaustive mind you. Just exhausting. 🙂


  5. Daryl Tay Says:

    @John – Thanks! I checked it out and I totally get why it would be exhausting! Appreciate the delicious bookmark too =)

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