TV: Still Most Powerful?

I’m at a relative’s place for Chinese New Year, and the TV is on, and I see this station id going something along the lines of “Still the most powerful, TV”, and later on during another commercial, they’re advertising how cheap it is to get a TVC on the network.

Given that internet spending is going to surpass radio, and some projections have it outspending print by 2010, how long can TV be safe? And how delusional are these people to put that on their network?

I think the fact that they have to use their own ad time to put ads for themselves says a lot. I’m going to label this as desperation, how about you?


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One Response to “TV: Still Most Powerful?”

  1. amsiewong Says:

    I think it is somewhat a desperate attempt. I doubt that TV advertisement will lose all its impact. However consumers are much more savvy now in terms of knowing a good ad from a bad one.

    TV Advertisers need to continue to deliver highly relevant ads to consumers, WITHOUT their knowledge. Madison & Vine, what do you think?

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