Classic Case Of How To Fail Online

Todoist is like an online notepad which helps organise your work, tasks and other things. Supposedly.

I read about it and tried it tonight and ran into a few problems:

1) I couldn’t create “projects” or categories for which to place my tasks in.

2) Their Gmail plugin wasn’t working.

3) My tasks that I did manage to create, kept disappearing.

I wanted to drop them an email to ask for help, when I saw “Support only for premium”, ie premium users who pay $3 a month.

Web users are generally impatient people with unlimited choice. If you put out a product and we’re still scratching our heads figuring how to use them after 10 minutes (or less), we’re just going to move on to the next product that does somewhat the same things yours does. And believe me, there’s no shortage.


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3 Responses to “Classic Case Of How To Fail Online”

  1. Jacqueline Chang Says:

    Check this out:
    I like the interface of this to-do list, very user-friendly to me.
    No frills and to the point, just like how a to-do list should be.

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Jac – yup I’ve used that briefly but it’s a BIT too no frills for me!

  3. Jacqueline Chang Says:

    Haha I should have guessed that – you’re so tech-obsessed! But it’s good then I know who to look for when I need advice on these stuff.

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