Twitter 201: Part 2 – How To Make Twitter Useful & Grow Your Network

Part 2 of Twitter coverage focusing on making Twitter useful and growing your network. If you missed it, part 1 was an introduction to Twitter & its uses.

How Is It Useful?

For Twitter to be useful, it’s got to be more than a website you visit from time to time to update your status. It actually has to be a part of your daily life. One of the websites I read actually had the person saying he sets specific times of the day to remind himself to Twitter.

Once Twitter is a permanent feature in your day, you need to generate enough friends or acquaintances to fully realise the network externalities of Twitter, and eventually translate this network into real benefits.

How Do You Grow Your Network

1) Join or create a conversation. This is relatively simple, reply to what people are asking/saying to “appear” on their radar. If you’re replying to someone directly, use @theirusername so that they know it. Most importantly: Do not just broadcast one-way. That makes it very hard for someone to enter a conversation with you.

2) Post interesting/thought-provoking Tweets. The thing about Twitter, is many people on it just generate “noise”, such as my example yesterday. It’s fine from time to time, but reading about a friend who just updates about going to the toilet, choosing underwear, printing notes etcetc will get tiring. So how do you not create “noise”? Chris Brogan has great advice: “Instead of answering “What’re you doing?”, try answering “What as your attention?””

In part 3 of Twitter 201: best apps for Twitter and what not to do on Twitter. Check back or subscribe to my RSS if you don’t want to miss it. Once again, feel free to follow me on Twitter: uniquefrequency


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6 Responses to “Twitter 201: Part 2 – How To Make Twitter Useful & Grow Your Network”

  1. yin Says:

    uhm thanks for the comment on my wordpress. i keep forgetting about it. hahaha. this 2008 i’ll be a bit more hardworking with my entries.

  2. yin Says:

    uhm but whats wlny?

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  5. Cat Says:

    Heh, I see I’m not the only one with Twitter guides around.. 🙂

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