Twitter 201: Part 3 – Best Twitter Apps & Advice

Here’s the final part of Twitter 201 which will cover the best applications for Twitter, as well as a few things I’d advise against on Twitter. If you missed earlier parts, here are the links to part 1 and part 2.

Best Apps For Twitter

1) Tweetscan – Allows you to search for specific things that people are Tweeting about. This is a favourite of mine and I’ve had a great experience where I was searching for “chinese new year”, found someone else’s blog, commented on it and a reader of that blog then came here and commented. Can’t recommend this enough

2) Snitter is an application you download to your desktop and it looks a little something like this:


The benefit is simple: you don’t have to continually go to the Twitter website, but just update your Tweets from this instead. Your friends’ updates will be sent right to you as well. I’ve been using this for a few days and have found it to be fairly non-intrusive.

3) Twitter Cal helps with productivity and scheduling, which can be useful. I haven’t personally used this very often, but the perks are definitely there.

4) Facebook Application – search for this on Facebook, and anytime you update your Twitter status, your Facebook status gets updated at the same time. Pretty neat.

General Twitter Advice

Know who your audience is. This can make a difference between whether you Tweet yourself to remember the milk, or publicising something to friends.

Too much “noise”. Twitter your thoughts (Why I dislike Chinese New Year) vs actions (wondering which pair of socks to wear). Do keep in mind that Twitter also functions as an extension of your personal brand, and people will stop following you if you post too many frivolous Tweets.

Be aware of who you’re following. Best example of this – When Seth Godin isn’t Seth Godin.


SianAh – Trust Singaporeans to come up with a Twitter clone for you to fill in what’s bothering you. Unfortunately, I think SianAh is gone now because I can’t access the website

That brings me to the end of the Twitter201 posts. I really hope you enjoyed it and most importantly, learned something that will help you use Twitter a little better. As always, feel free to comment if you have other uses/suggestions on Twitter below.


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Edit: There’s a new Twitter write-up on Makeuseof that just got posted which covers almost the same scope as this but with variants in the apps and with a section on word tracking. Worth a look!


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5 Responses to “Twitter 201: Part 3 – Best Twitter Apps & Advice”

  1. Andre Says:

    been writing a lot about twitter huh? good stuff! i’ve been using snitter for quite some time now and i have had no complaints.

    search the net for some twitter mobile apps. i used to send tweets from my mobile phone until i changed phones. there are some easy to use twitter java apps out there which can be downloaded to most phones.

    any reason for the great interest in twitter? check out jaiku. looks good too but most of the users started out with twitter, so it’s going to be difficult to let users migrate to another platform.

    do also check out pownce. it’s from the creators of their site is nicely done, and they differentiate themselves from twitter by offering different options. check it out.

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    Yeah I’ve read a little abt Jaiku and Pownce and I think there are apps that let you update all of them at the same time. I’m just kinda deciding on one of each type of programme and trying to work it. (applies to StumbleUpon/Digg/Delicious etc)

    You should write sth on Jaiku/Pownce and then we’ll cross-reference!

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  4. mashaziva Says:

    Check out Twitterlights. It just came out and it’s pretty useful. Just highlight stuff on any webpage and twitter right from the page. saves me a lot of time.

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