Subservient Chicks?

I just picked this up from Adage:

Visitors to the KnickerPicker Dressing Room area can choose from three models vaguely representing small, medium and large-ish frames, dress the model in selected items and have her walk toward the screen and turn around on command.

The site in question is Knicker Picker and I have to say, even as a guy I felt conscious just looking at the site. There’s just something that makes me hesitate to give “orders” to women in lingerie. Even virtual women. Subservient chicken? No problem. Subservient chicks…. another story.

I think this is going to end one of two ways.

  1. More men than women actually log on to the website, driving up bandwidth costs without achieving as many sales as Knicker Picker would like
  2. Women get up in arms over being objectified. I can’t even say I’d blame them. I don’t think a lady needs to be a feminist to react to this

I do give them credit for breaking through the clutter, but I’m not sure if this is the right product or right target market to use such an avenue. Do women even buy underwear without trying it on? Would watching someone else try it on be enough to instigate a purchase? More importantly, would you be comfortable in that site? Or would you feel offended? So many possible negative permutations.


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3 Responses to “Subservient Chicks?”

  1. vinnythemarv Says:

    Talking about negative permutations and offending people, check out this website,

    Pretty similar concept, but it’s really ridiculous, I am not sure if such a strategy will work with their target group.

  2. yin Says:

    hullos daryl. yet another late response. apparently i receive email updates if people comment on wordpress. so that’s score 1 for wordpress! and uhm… the flickr shots aren’t mine. they do this whole random thing. i’m gonna put up more shots when i get out to do some street shots. but thanks a lot for the reply and daymn, it’s been awhile since i actually logged onto wlny. 🙂

    new entries soon. this time i’ll actually hit ‘publish’ instead of ‘save as draft’.

  3. Nabilah Says:

    I think the only way it could be useful is to assist clueless men who wouldn’t be caught dead shopping in the lingerie department (to these men I say, grow up.)

    Women are different. When women buy lingerie, they want to be able to touch it and more importantly, see whether it makes them look good. It’s not the same seeing some other woman wear *your* lingerie. So what if she looks good when she turns around or when she comes closer? *She* is not *you*.

    Knickerpicker is definitely interesting, but in terms of being a tool for fellow females to use to assist their online lingerie purchases, I’m skeptical about its real usefulness for women.

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