Top 100 Webpages In Singapore

Geek SG has an article referencing the Top 100 sites in Singapore, and the list is pretty interesting.

Yahoo comes in at #1 with Google at #8 (any relation to poor people using yahoo vs rich people using Google?)

Friendster at #2 while Facebook is at #8, Myspace is at #32 – My theory (based on personal observations) is that largely, Singaporeans are still early to late majority. I joined up with Friendster in 2003, Myspace shortly after that, and Facebook in 2006 (yes, when there was no one on it). I observed the exact same trends in the 2 years I was on Facebook as I did Friendster: At first, they’re just the people who’re trying out new things and a pretty normal. After awhile as network externalities kick in, more and more people start joining, including those who don’t use English as a first language. (not discriminating, just stating facts). Locally we might classify them as bengs and lians – I don’t even know how to classify that for the non-Singaporeans reading this blog. And now Friendster is almost completely run by them, while the early adopters have moved to Facebook, but the rest are slowly catching up.

This also accounts for Myspace being at #32. The rest of Singapore simply missed out on the trend – MySpace came and went in the time early adopters moved from Friendster to Myspace to Facebook, so the rest of the majority just makes the transition from Friendster to Facebook.

YouPorn comes in at #25, Sammyboy at #31 and Megaerotic at #35 (what do you think of that, government?)

Mininova and Rapidshare are in at #38 and #39 respectively (now we know where all that bandwidth is going) and beat this, NUS is at #22, NTU is at #40 and SMU is nowhere to be seen.

Quite a few sites I don’t recognise so I won’t comment, but I’d encourage you to check out the link and comment here on what surprised you, what didn’t surprise you, and any explanations if you have them.

All I can say is I’m glad Xiaxue isn’t on the list. That would be a kicker.


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4 Responses to “Top 100 Webpages In Singapore”

  1. Andre Says:

    Interesting link about how poor people use Yahoo and the rich use Google. 🙂

    I think another reason would be Yahoo has done a better job with localizing their site and content. Yahoo SG probably gives more relevant results compared to Google SG. Yahoo also offers a lot more localized services in Asia compared to the Google.

    Anyways, i’m still working on the assignment. argh! see u tom!

  2. chloe Says:

    On the NUS, NTU and SMU point:

    Quite reasonable to say that most people who access these sites are Current undergrads and grads. I doubt a big percentage of hits are from the public, unless it’s admissions period etc. Hence the sheer number of people in NTU and NUS would already account for the difference in hits. I know of many NTU/NUS friends who access their varsity’s homepage to navigate their way to other student portals and materials. But here at SMU, I think many of us go straight to Oasis, Vista, OnTrac without even sniffing the homepage.

    So yeah, hit rates can be deceiving!

  3. chloe Says:

    Oh and psst. #12 is a huge bandwidth drainer too! Shows how many people in SG are into japanese/chinese/korean productions as well.

  4. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Chloe: That’s a good point. I think that that extends to why Yahoo! and not Google has the top spot here. Yahoo! may essentially be used as a portal for movies, sports, finance etc which gets more traffic than Google, which essentially is utilised for search. Good catch!!

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