FriendFeed Is Open!

FriendFeed is no longer in beta, so that means anyone can sign up!

Why should you?

FriendFeed is another of those social aggregators, and it’s cool because you can actually “track” what your friends like and are sharing. For example, if you’re following me on FriendFeed and I favourite a YouTube video, when you logon, you’ll see the video that I favourited, and can check it out, if you choose. It extends to blog posts, shared items on Google Reader, Twitter, Flickr, and many more.

For a visual display, you can check out how my FriendFeed looks like.

Also, check out 10 ways to get more out of FriendFeed as well as advice on how to use it. Both are great articles that influenced the way I’m using FriendFeed right now.


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