Facebook App: Connection Cloud

In yesterday’s Podcast of the month post, I mentioned that Marketing Over Coffee was picked because of the Facebook application introduced during the show.

The application in question (if you haven’t already guessed) is Connection Cloud, and what it does is show you a cloud network of your friends and who’s linked to who. Here’s mine (click for larger image):

Facebook Connection Cloud

What’s amazing is that you actually can see little groups of people formed in here. If you click to see a bigger image, you can see 5 distinct groups of people:

  1. The SJI group in the bottom left
  2. My TA group somewhere in the centre (ie people who I have TA-ed for in the last few years)
  3. The MTV group to the right
  4. Family on the top right
  5. The mass of SMU and SMU Broadcast & Entertainment people are right smack in the middle

How does this help?

If you listened to Marketing Over Coffee, this really helps identify who the connectors are in various circles of people you know. And this can be really useful in getting your message, question, brand out to whoever is is you want. Given that I don’t own a business right now, I don’t have business uses for this application, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly.

The only thing I don’t like is the mass in the centre. I think there should be some way to decipher the huge scribbly-ball there instead of just leaving it as a cloud. Perhaps in future versions?

Have you seen your cloud? How does it look? Can you identify important sub-groups within your network? Let me know.


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One Response to “Facebook App: Connection Cloud”

  1. pei Says:

    hey daryl! great blog 🙂

    i added the connection cloud application yesterday and its really cool. I spoted a couple of friends that i solely know them and them only (cos they were repelled far away from the centre mass) and my pri sch friends were amongst the outer ring too.

    i agree that that centre mass of stuff dont tell much man. but perhaps we can try tweeting the settings to get a better pic? i havent had time to check it out yet. just want to say you’re doing a good job with this blog! keep it up dude!

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