Where Are The Twitter Journalists?

I open my Twitter homepage and see a Tweet of a shooting at Outram MRT from micamonkey

Not that I doubt micamonkey, but I didn’t want to go around telling people about it if it wasn’t true. So I checked out Channel News Asia (our local news channel) and got nothing. (click for larger image)

Channel News Asia

I opened Tweetscan and did a search for Singapore and here’s what turned up:

Tweet Scan

So here’s the question: Why doesn’t Channel News Asia have Twitter Journalists? If they can’t keep up with new media, then traditional media will really be in trouble sooner or later.

Edit @ 22:15:

CNA’s page now shows this:


Note the time posted says 4:55pm? But that’s not what my earlier screencap at 6:45pm says. Are you allowed to edit your timestamp for news as a journalist? Hmm.


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4 Responses to “Where Are The Twitter Journalists?”

  1. the fiancee Says:

    you do know channelnewsasia is on twitter right? http://twitter.com/ChannelNewsAsia that’s how i got wind of shooting at around 4.46?

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    Yeah but their Tweet says ” Man found dead at platform of Outram Park MRT: SINGAPORE : A man was found dead at the platform”. That’s hardly going to turn up as a shooting!

  3. the fiancee Says:

    no need to be sensational. if you want more details, click on the link? *shrugs* good enough for me.

  4. Why Generation Y Doesn’t Read The Newspaper And Can They Do Anything? « Unique-Frequency Says:

    […] But explain to me how I hear about an Outram MRT shooting via Twitter, check out the CNA website and it’s not there? Yes I know CNA’s Twitter mentioned it, but sorry, dead man found at Outram MRT is not the […]

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