Win A Wii Or Macbook Air!

Now that I have your attention, this post is an add on to Claud’s post on a the Unexpected Australia challenge.

Essentially it’s a traditional competition where you have a few contestants, and the public votes for them to win. Of course, the public gets to win a Wii or a Macbook Air or a Nikon D60. All rather attractive prizes!

What’s amazing is the way one participant, Nadia, is using social media to get some votes and support via both her blog and other bloggers.

Are we finally seeing how someone in Singapore (even if it’s a Meepok blogger), actually “get” social media?


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7 Responses to “Win A Wii Or Macbook Air!”

  1. *~ nadelicious till de very last drop! ~* » I really need your help! - Please vote for me! Says:

    […] Bloggers – Daryl […]

  2. nadnut Says:

    oei. simi meepok! LOL. anyway, thanks for plugging 🙂

  3. Daryl Tay Says:

    lol no problem =)

  4. nadnut Says:

    looks like it worked! 😛

  5. Social Media Works! (At Least For The Consumer) « Unique-Frequency Says:

    […] Media Works! (At Least For The Consumer) Remember the chance to win a Wii? How many of you brushed it off and didn’t join it? Well, Nadia (the person I was voting for) […]

  6. nino Oshomuvwe Says:

    please pick me, i really the mac book for school. i hope to design animation for video games someday. please please pick me.

  7. *~ nadelicious till de very last drop! ~* » Ogilvy's The Open Room Event. Says:

    […] to find a familiar face when I bumped into Daryl. Remember Daryl? He was one of the few bloggers that helped plugged me for the Unexpected Australia contest! (Erm, no pic of Daryl cause yours truly totally forgot to […]

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