Be Careful How You Use Facebook: You Might Get Expelled!

Clearing my daily feeds, Marketing Pilgrim picked up an article where a student is in trouble for creating a Facebook study group.

I must say that’s pretty harsh. I use Twitter to post stuff on social media and recently sent out a Tweet to two classmates with a resource that might be helpful for them in a term project. Would that constitute cheating to a professor who didn’t know/understand/care what Twitter is for?

Just like how the traditional “water coolers” don’t exist anymore, perhaps traditional “study groups” don’t exist anymore and the web is the way to openly share ideas and learn from one another. Isn’t that the point of education anyway?


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One Response to “Be Careful How You Use Facebook: You Might Get Expelled!”

  1. Nabilah Says:

    Instead of using Facebook to catch so-called cheats, I think the professor should start re-thinking how he could use the Internet to spread the love of learning instead. This is no way to inspire students.

    Kind of reminds me of how record companies used to clamp down on P2P sites, but now they have no choice but to evolve and find a way to make P2P sites worthwhile for their business.

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