Snapfish Report

So I blogged about the first time I actually clicked on an ad on Facebook (or anywhere for that matter) for Snapfish. I placed my order Monday night and got the prints Friday afternoon. Not bad in terms of speed.

Snapfish Delivery

Quality wise, I think they look fine. Some pictures look a little blurry but that’s because others were playing around with my camera so they might not have been used to it.

In short, I’d recommend Snapfish to everyone, especially since it’s 9cents per 4R print from now till Wednesday. One favour though, if you do intend to sign up, please let me know! I get “referral prints” if I refer you via email!


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4 Responses to “Snapfish Report”

  1. yin Says:

    haha i clicked on the ad as well. only thing is that i’m always so spoilt for choice in terms of what photos to print. as cheap as it sounds, when everything adds up its still quite a hefty price to pay. boooo. looks good. maybe i’ll just get my photomanips for print.

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean! But at least it’s cheaper than doing it commercially at a shop or something right?

  3. yin Says:

    i should think so. they’re charging like… 40cents a piece? but snapfish only offers the prices at that size right and anything else i gotta fork out more? ok wait. i should just read the site. hahaha. pardon the hyperness.

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