29th March 2008: Social Media Breakfast: Singapore

If you use social media in any way (blog/podcast/use Youtube/use Flickr/use Facebook/etc), come for Social Media Breakfast: Singapore next Saturday, 29th of March 2008!

This is a little experiment that Derrick Kwa (from Adventures in Social Media #1) thought of doing, and was generous enough to invite me along for the ride. The objective of the breakfast is simply to meet like-minded people who are into the social media scene, expand your network and of course have fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in social media from a business standpoint or a social standpoint, everyone’s invited because you never know who you’d meet!

Currently Derrick and I have two rules:

  1. Everyone’s equal. When it comes to Social Media Breakfast, there’s no difference if you’re a CEO or a student. Everyone has something of value to contribute and everyone should be treated that way
  2. Law of Two Feet applies. If a particular conversation or discussion is not getting you what you want, feel free to move on.

Both are nods to PodCamp rules and we’re sure they’re not hard to follow!

Finally, we will be borrowing an idea from Jeff Pulver regarding personal tagging. I’ll let the man explain it himself:

The venue we’re looking at is either going to be TCC at SMU or Frujch. Either way it will be in the SMU area, so it’s pretty convenient. Also, because it’s our first time trying this out there are no sponsors involved, so you have to pay for your own breakfast and we hope that’s not too big a problem! We’ll clarify the final date and time within the week.

So if you’re coming, leave me a comment or drop me an email: uniquefrequencyATgmailDOTcom or message me on Twitter and we’ll see you on the 29th!


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25 Responses to “29th March 2008: Social Media Breakfast: Singapore”

  1. Nabilah Says:

    sounds exciting!

  2. Jeff Pulver Says:

    Sounds like a fun event!!! 🙂

  3. Bryan Person, Social Media Breakfast found Says:

    What great news that you and Derrick are hosting a Social Media Breakfast on March 29! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

    I just e-mailed Derrick about this, but it could have gone to you as well: I’m hoping that one of you can write preview and wrap-up posts on the SocialMediaBreakfast.com blog. I can set you up with an account for you to do that.

    Could you drop me a line by e-mail using the address I listed with this blog comment?

    Thanks — and looking forward to hearing more about the breakfast!

  4. claudia Says:

    Ah! So this is it! Hope I’ll be able to make it too! Looking forward to more details! 🙂

  5. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Nabilah: thanks for the help!!

    @Jeff: We hope it will be! Lots of inspiration from you!

    @Bryan: Email sent!

    @claudia: Yes come!

  6. claudia Says:

    Just suggesting, you might want to start a facebook event for this so that ppl can help spread the word around. 🙂

    This could be big and who knows, perhaps a monthly/bi-monthly meetup? 🙂

  7. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Claudia: Done! Invited you =)

  8. Derrick Kwa Says:

    I just spent the last 15+ hours at a video shoot for an assignment. Haha. I spend one day offline, and so much has happened. Awesome. =). I’ll post about it tomorrow. Great to see the word getting out. Thanks, Daryl!

    And to the rest of you, hope you guys can come. And if you’re willing to help in anyway (sponsor, provide food, invite people, or just help in anyway you think you can), just email Daryl or me (suigeneris@derrickkwa.com)

    Hope to see you guys soon!

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  10. NTT Says:

    Hey.. I happened upon this post through your twitter..

    Sounds interesting.. I would be interested in joining.. 🙂

  11. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Derrick no problem!

    @NTT: yes do come, we’d love to see you there!

  12. Claudia Says:

    Done! Invited all those on my contacts whom might be keen! 🙂

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  14. d*r Says:

    darn it daryyyl it looks like you’re having so much fun – wish i could be thereeeee! 🙂

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  16. passerby Says:

    you’ve been tomorrow-ed!

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  18. Daryl Tay Says:

    @passerby: Thank you!

    @Dor: Yes well we’ll organise one when you’re back!

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