29th March 2008 – Social Media Breakfast: Singapore

Wow so many people have gotten excited about SMB: Singapore. Derrick and I are really excited to get it going!

Both Claud and Derrick suggested creating a Facebook event, so I did and you can find it here.

Big thanks to Nabilah from Frujch who’s helping us out with the venue and has even been kind enough to waive the venue booking fees! Do check out their food too. Porto bello mushroom sandwich is excellent.

Both Derrick and myself are contactable via Twitter: @derrickkwa @uniquefrequency

I’m going to try to do something to explain the personal tagging kit (it will be low budget I’m afraid), so look for that coming soon!


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One Response to “29th March 2008 – Social Media Breakfast: Singapore”

  1. Social Media Brunch 4 - I’m glad it happened | CLAUDIA.SG Says:

    […] and forming of the Social Media scene here in Singapore. When I first learned about SMB through Daryl’s blog, I see this dream taking shape. When I finally got the chance to spend more time to participate and […]

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