Google SMU = Get NTU?

Google SMU Singapore (Singapore Management University) now and you’ll get this result (click for bigger picture):

Google “SMU + Singapore”

The top result? A fake paid link by NTU (Nanyang Technological University). I understand Google can be gamed, but do we really need to do this? Is it bordering on unethical behavior? What do you think?

Edit: Note that I’m not making a big deal out of NTU appearing on an SMU search. It happens with Google and it’s okay. The point is that the paid link says “SMU Singapore” but the URL link is “”. Clearly misleading.


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7 Responses to “Google SMU = Get NTU?”

  1. shans Says:

    I’m disgusted with my school!

  2. Social Media is fast.. and can be deadly.. « 괜찮아요 Says:

    […] lot to answer to; especially since this has come to the attention of many in the blogosphere. (see here and here) I’m sure they will come to realize that social media tools can be quite deadly […]

  3. Google SMU Get NTU Says:

    […] SMU students not too happy about NTU buying the keyword smu at Google Sponsored Links. Read the SMU student’s blog post here. […]

  4. Google SMU Gets NTU Says:

    Online advertising is something new to these people. This year appears to be the first time NTU and NUS have been advertising on MSN Messenger, Adwords, Facebook, etc. Too harsh to make the accusation of pretending to be the competitor against relative noobs at this new media.

  5. Daryl Tay Says:

    Sorry but I disagree. Searches for NUS Singapore and SIM Singapore also have NTU sites, but they are clearly labeled NTU and not SMU.

    It could be a genuine mistake but the second point I’m making (and it’s very clear if you read my posts), is that NTU should say something about it.

    Also, MSN Messenger ads have been used last year for the universities too. So it’s not 100% new.

  6. Lessons From The SMU = NTU Ad « Unique-Frequency Says:

    […] “SMU NTU” now and you’ll see the SMU = NTU ad as the first link. Now every year new students are going to compare the two business schools and […]

  7. CommunicateAsia » Blog Archive » 103. SMU students Learn About Social Media Through Their Own Initiative Says:

    […] a Google search showing a paid ad for a competing university.  You can find the original post here. This post then led to a bit of discussion and responses (response 1, response 2, response 3, […]

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