SEO Guest Post #3: How Much Should You Know About SEO?

How much should the average blogger know about SEO?

Frankly, the average blogger does not need to be worry about SEO. Here’s why:

First, the blogging platform which most bloggers use, such as and are generally search engine friendly come complete with SEO-friendly default template or theme.

Second, most bloggers do not need to rely on the search engines to bring them traffic. They can get traffic from the plethora of social networks and Web 2.0 sites.

If you are interested to find out what are the other 20 ways of generating traffic, click: The 21 Traffic Generation Methods

SEO For Blogs

SEO is appplicable to the more advanced bloggers, who are not in the average or casual bloggers category, and those sites which rely on the search engines to drive new visitors to their blogs.

Usually, these blogs focus on a topic of interest or a niche, e.g. which blogs about the latest electronic gadgets and which focuses on SEO and Blog Marketing.

blog marketing singapore

The 7 Unbreakable Rules of SEO

In order to make your blog rank well for your targeted keywords, these are the 7 things that you need to do and must pay attention to:

  1. Focus on one keyword per blog post. Stay within the theme of the keyword.
  2. Keyword-rich blog title. Blog engines such as WordPress automically uses the blog title in the <title> tag.
  3. Write a description for each post and add it to the <meta name=”description” …> tag. Make sure you include your targeted keyword in the description. See #7 below.
  4. Use the keywords in the first paragraph of your post and repeat it as many times as per your editorial requirement.
  5. Focus on writing great content. Make it useful to your targeted readers and interesting enough for fellow bloggers to quote you and give you that valuable backlink.
  6. Use a SEO-friendly theme. The WordPress’s default Kubrick theme is SEO-friendly. And most variants of the Kubrick theme are also SEO-friendly. Don’t worry about the cosmetic effect first. It is more important to get into Google and have a good following because of your interesting content.
  7. The SEO-All-in-One Pack for WordPress is a must-have plugin if you want your blog SEO-friendly and it helps you to prevent duplicated content. This WordPress plugin for SEO also enables you to enter description for each individual post.

P.S. You will need the self-installed version of WordPress to install plugin. So you will not be able to do #2 and #7 if you are using free blog at

About the author: Shi Heng Cheong is the SEO Trainer with Finggle Pte Ltd, a SEO training company based in Singapore.


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