Sheylara And I Present: Social Media Breakfast Video

Sheylara and I met up just yesterday to squeeze out this video to serve as a trailer for Social Media Breakfast: Singapore happening on Saturday (full disclosure: she did most of the work and deserves most of the credit). Check it out:

I’ve been asked a few times what exactly the Social Media Breakfast is for. To me, it’s mainly for networking and meeting like-minded people who are into the social media space. That said, I think it’s perfectly fine if anyone feels that the main purpose is for fun or socialising or anything like that.

The other question is whether discussion has to be about social media, and I think the answer is no. I think it’s great to talk about the last movie you watched, or what you usually have for breakfast, or if you are a Twitter-addict. Anything goes. I suspect the true magic and connections will materialise after the event, when these relationships are allowed to grow both online and offline, as CC Chapman alludes to from his SXSW experience.

The ultimate goal of Social Media Breakfast? To me, as a believer of Mitch Joel’s belief of building communities and Joseph Jaffe’s belief of creating and joining conversations, the ultimate goal would be to really build up the social media community in Singapore, regardless of individual usages, be it personal, work, school or play.

If you’re interested in attending the event, the Facebook event page can be found here. Breakfast is $4 a person, but you will receive the personal tagging kit free!

If you need to speak to anyone to clarify anything, there’s me, Derrick or Sheylara online, or on Twitter at @uniquefrequency, @derrickkwa, @sheylara. See you on Saturday!


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11 Responses to “Sheylara And I Present: Social Media Breakfast Video”

  1. C.C. Chapman Says:

    What a great video and such a perfect location. We need people creating more media like this to show there are real people out there taking part in these events! Keep it up.

  2. amsiewong Says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait to be there. D, I’m going to tag u crazy, BEWARE muahahaha!

  3. Daryl Tay Says:

    @C.C. Chapman: Thanks for the kind words! I hope you’ll drop by Singapore one day =)

    @amsie: I think all of us in class should NOT be allowed to remove the tags until after class!!

  4. Mitch Joel - Twist Image Says:

    It looks like I “might” be coming back out to Singapore later in the year. I really wish I could be there for this event – it looks awesome. Maybe we can do one if I come back out there.

    I have to admit, seeing the SMU campus brought back some amazing memories.

    I hope some of my Social Media friends from Singapore show up and “represent” – I’m talking about Michael Netzley, Melvin Yuan, Jorg Dietzel, John Davis, Benjamin Koe, Jon Kerr, Akanksha Goel and you know the rest!

  5. Derrick Kwa Says:

    I’m getting really excited, man. The response has really blown my mind. Will do my blog post about it later tonight. =).

  6. Sheylara Says:

    Daryl, you’re too modest. I didn’t do most of the work. It was an equal collaboration. And it would have been great if Derrick were there. Too bad he wasn’t able to make it that day.

    By the way, we’d better prepare even more tagging labels than we’d originally planned. It’s looking like people are getting ready to cover you in tags from head to toe! Hehe.

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  9. Jorg Dietzel Says:

    How was it?
    Sorry I missed it – was interviewing new SMU applicants…

  10. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Mitch: Would be so good to see you in Singapore sometime!

    @Sheylara: We all know the truth 😉

    @Jorg: Hi Prof. It was good! There is a video circulating that you should check out.

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