Social Media Works! (At Least For The Consumer)

Remember the chance to win a Wii? How many of you brushed it off and didn’t join it? Well, Nadia (the person I was voting for) and Claudia (the person I found it out from) both walked away happy, winning the Australia trip and Wii respectively. (Damn I’m jealous).

Obviously this is great news to those who won, but here’s a big question: Who remembers the company who organised the event?

I ask because I don’t. Even though I voted every day for a week.

Is such an online campaign considered successful if it’s largely popular and social, but people can’t remember much beyond the prizes and prize destination? What metrics should marketers and/or communicators use to determine the success or failure of such a campaign? Would love to hear from all of you who are smarter than me. (A considerable lot!)


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6 Responses to “Social Media Works! (At Least For The Consumer)”

  1. claudia Says:

    I think this is one way of attracting viewers to go to their site and vote and hopefully by chance, they’ll get to learn more about Australia and wanting to go there for a holiday.

    Hmm… the organisers should be a radio station, tourism australia and hmm… *sneaks to peep at the site* LOL!

    Social Media does help in certain extend. And imo, social media is all about passing news through words of mouth. It’s troublesome to call everyone u know to share with them about these things/wat u did everyday. But through blogging and twittering, everyone gets to read about it and learn about the exciting things that’d happened/will be happening in one’s life. Hmm… ok, I might not make any sense now, let’s discuss more on Saturday at SMB! Sooo looking forward to it! (And of cos super excited about Friday night’s party too! tsk tsk)

  2. claudia Says:

    Oh and btw… the other powerful thing about tagging others in ur post. Many other people who reads their blogs may chanced upon here too. (And also attract the blogger themselves to come check out wat was mentioned about them.) So keep those tags coming in! *lol*

  3. nadnut Says:

    you voted everyday?! awww. so sweet of you! thanks!

    of course i’ll remember the team involved. 😛 but then i’m a contestant so…

    next!! damn wasted i cant go to SMB! i miss amsie!

  4. Daryl Tay Says:

    @claudia: ahh if it’s tourism Australia then I guess it’s okay! But wait! Even you, a winner, had to check!! I totally agree with you on the social media point. That’s why I love Twitter so much. I don’t even have to be online at the same time as someone else to hear the latest news! And yes, link-love is one of my favourite parts of blogging. (Send some my way?) =)

  5. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Nadnut: I did vote everyday! Equally because I wanted a social media person to win and because I wanted that Wii. But clearly Claudia is luckier! You know Amsie? So coincidental! You gotta come for our next one then. Whenever that is =)

  6. nadnut Says:

    lol! thanks once again! yeah, amsie and i used to work together! heh. sure, next one then!

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