Who Are Your T*Buddies?

It’s no secret. I love Twitter and I love statistics. (The ones that tell you how you use things, not the number-crunching statistics). Awhile back @valene tweeted up a term “T*buddy” (stands for Twitter-buddy). Yesterday I saw a website via Twitter: TweetStats which, obviously, gives you your Twitter stats.

So among other information (like I Twitter the most at 12-1am), there’s a cool function who tells you who you reply to the most. Here’s how mine looks:

Who I directly reply the most!

The conclusion? @valene is definitely my top T*Buddy. Who’s yours? Check out TweetStats to find out and post your results in the comments below!


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4 Responses to “Who Are Your T*Buddies?”

  1. Andre Says:

    my T*Buddy is *drum roll*…….. @uniquefrequency

  2. Jasmine Shanea Says:

    haiz. i still don’t get it why twitter is so fun. Really. 😦

  3. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Andre: well you were close to being mine!

    @Jasmine: There’s only one way to “get it”! Sign up for Twitter and join our madness!

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    […] Like mIRC, Doesn’t Mean It Should Be Used Like It We have a pretty lively SMU community on Twitter with @studio_bug and @iammyy joining us just this week. In a way it’s this awesome […]

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