Twitter And RSS Inversely Related?

I used to read no less than 100+ feeds coming into Google Reader a day. My current reading pattern looks something like this:

As you can see, most days I read less than 60, some days even less than 30. The difference? I’ve been using Twitter a lot more and clicking on links that people are sharing via Twitter. I’m assuming I only have so much attention for information online, and this is a natural selection process. (Let’s not even get to my close to non-existent FriendFeed usage).

Has anyone else noticed this trend? I know @stripedshirt and @MikeReynolds posted tweets saying they identify with the trend, while Louis has a great blog post on why he has no issues with information overload. Anyone else?


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2 Responses to “Twitter And RSS Inversely Related?”

  1. Louis Gray Says:

    Not for me. Everything just keeps going up! Twitter activities… FriendFeed… Google Reader… nothing ever goes down.

  2. the fiancee Says:

    no problems. all is good. then again i don’t have a million rss subscriptions like you.

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