I’m A SocialThing!

FriendFeed has been getting quite a bit of coverage lately, but SocialThing! is slowly but surely creeping up on users. I finally got my beta invite and after playing around for awhile, I have a slight preference for SocialThing! (damn I love that exclamation mark)

Here’s a screenshot from my SocialThing! page (click for larger view):

I\'m A SocialThing!

What I like about it is that it brings whatever your friends are doing to you. If I wanted to, I could ignore Twitter and Facebook all day and just rely on SocialThing! to give me the updates I need. Google Reader can do the rest for blogs (which is a function FriendFeed essentially duplicates).

Two other benefits of SocialThing!:

  1. My friends don’t have to be on it – That’s why FriendFeed isn’t attractive to me at the moment (yes I know you can add them as imaginary friends, but it isn’t quite as fun)
  2. Less worry of information overload – If 5 friends save the same post on del.icio.us on FriendFeed, I see all 5. With SocialThing!, just one post.

The one advantage FriendFeed has over SocialThing! is the ability to comment and interact directly on the FriendFeed interface, like this (click for larger picture):

However whether or not you want to have two separate conversations going on at the same time (comments and FriendFeed) is something I’m struggling with personally.

I’d argue that SocialThing!’s job is to let me know what my friends are up to, then if I want to, I can head over to Facebook to comment or reply to Twitter directly from SocialThing!. Pretty cool, no?

If you’re on either/both platforms, let me know what your thoughts are. If you want an invite to SocialThing! let me know and I’ll pass on one to you if I can.

If you want to know more, there’s much more coverage of SocialThing!:


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2 Responses to “I’m A SocialThing!”

  1. eStee Says:

    Hi Daryl: I just watched a vid on what happened on social media breakfast sat. I’m upset I couldn’t be there. (it was my birthday!)

    Anyway I’m looking forward to meeting u soon, I hope.

    Have you heard of TDM? R u keen to join such an organization?

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    @Estee: Happy belated birthday! Don’t worry, attend the next one okay? I’ve emailed you about TDM!

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