Podcast Of The Month: March

This is late so I’m going to jump straight into it. My choice for the March podcast of the month goes to Six Pixels of Separation for the interview with Seth Godin in #93. I also listened to #94 – #97, and #97 is the episode where Mitch talks about Social Media Breakfast: Singapore, so you might want to check that out as well.

Other podcasts that I really think you should check out:

I really enjoyed listening to CC Chapman on Managing The Gray where he responded to Intellagirl’s challenge on how to get non-social media people into social media, as well as his coverage of SXSW.

With that said I also enjoyed Shill’s thoughts on SXSW coverage happening literally everywhere else, and how that feels from people not at the event. I really felt their point of view because I was one of those people getting bombarded non-stop on Twitter about SXSW. Probably something everyone will have to figure out for the next event.

Joseph Jaffe also weighed in on the SXSW coverage and Intellagirl’s challenge in Jaffe Juice #107 as well as facing outward from the fishbowl. An observation which I think is spot on.

Marketing Over Coffee was also good this month with an episode on what to do with your house list, two parts on the state of search and talking about the power of free.

Two new podcasts I picked up are For Immediate Release which comes out so frequently I can barely keep up but some good, thought provoking content in there, as well as Inside PR, whose discussion on ethics in PR to be very enlightening in #103 and #104

As always I am open to any and all suggestions for new podcasts to listen do. Just drop me a comment! While you’re at it, why not check out the podcast of the month for February and January as well?


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4 Responses to “Podcast Of The Month: March”

  1. David Jones Says:

    Daryl…that is one unhealthy podcast diet. Too march marketing, pr and social media hot air can’t be good for you. That being said, as the co-host of two of the podcasts on your list, I appreciate the feedback and mentions.

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    David, thanks for dropping by! I do listen to other podcasts but they don’t fit the theme of the blog so I leave them out. I don’t think it’s hot air at all! I must say I particularly like Shill because of it’s no-holds barred approach. I wish it came out more often!

  3. Mitch Joel - Twist Image Says:

    thanks for this honor Daryl.

    I still wish I could have been at the Breakfast 🙂

  4. Daryl Tay Says:

    Mitch you’re most welcome and thanks for dropping by every month to check this segment out. Your “win” has been too long coming! Let me know when you’re coming to Singapore and we can definitely schedule a Breakfast around it.

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