Which Companies Should Be Interested In Social Media?

Final point from my post-IDC Conference thoughts: Are companies interested in social media? If yes, are there some companies who are better suited than others to be involved in social media?

Maybe the bigger question is: Can companies afford not to be involved in social media? I mentioned a couple of days ago that for some companies (eg NTUC, Singapore’s Target) can probably afford not to because, well, that’s not where their target demographic is.

If you are interested in social media, are you suited for it? If you do have a product and it’s good, the benefits are there. Favourable reviews on Google that money can’t buy, brand advocates and a permanent presence on the internet. I only own a printer by HP. But by their blogger outreach programme as well as my positive Snapfish experiences, I’ll keep that brand in mind the next time I’m in the market for a PC.

The question these days doesn’t seem to be “how to” (ie how to use social media) because companies have been hearing a lot about that. Rather the question is “who has”? Who’s taken this big jump into the social media landscape? Have they benefited from it?

I don’t know a lot of case studies locally, but I’m relatively surprised from the few that I do. When first learning about social media, I thought it would favour the smaller players: not a whole not of specialised knowledge required, can be done with a relatively small budget, less concerns over control etc.

But we’re seeing with HP and Starbucks and Microsoft and GM (who will spend 1.5 billion on online advertising, a different story.

Wayne commented that it seems to be happening around the B2C businesses involved in technological products and it also seems to me that it favours the companies with the bigger pockets. Does that mean that the other industries or smaller companies are left out? Absolutely not.

I’d like to hear a little bit more on the case studies you may know of (locally or not) of companies who are actively using social media and what kind of companies they are. Who do you think is a fit? Who’s not? Let me know.


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