Who The Other IDC Panelists Are (They’re All Much More Popular Than I Am)

I got home thinking about the final post on the IDC Conference and saw this:

138 views from Kenny Sia, a Malaysian blogger who was at the IDC Conference as well. I didn’t get to interact with Kenny that much, but I know he’s pretty popular both in Malaysia and Singapore.

Meenakshi aka The Compulsive Confessor was who I spent the most time with (probably cos we’re the closest in age), and I must give her credit for what she writes particularly taking on the age/societal/cultural gap in India. The team researching India for our Social Media in Asia Wiki highlighted some of these issues, and it was great hearing it first hand. She has a book deal. Do I need to prove her popularity?

Finally there’s Victor from Hong Kong aka Hong Kong Phooey. He blogs mainly about tech (check out the recent entries on the ultra-portable PCs). Also, 400,000 hits in 18 months. Amazing.

In the short time I had to interact with these bloggers, I think they’re all incredibly smart and definitely understand how web2.0 and social media work within their niches. Clearly we share different audiences, but that’s the beauty of it isn’t it? That four different people can be blogging about four very different passions, and yet be invisibly united by social media.


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