Quoted In Today Newspaper On Twitter!

The article’s out today! I thought it’s pretty good. Hopefully more people will read it and get onto Twitter.

That said, I’m going to be a little cautious about Twitter. Steven Hodson blogged about some of Twitter’s troubles, financially, bringing us back to harsh reality that you can have the best product in the world in the Web2.0 space, but you better have a monetisation plan. Frederic from The Last Podcast updated us a couple of days ago about how Twitter has rolled out ads in Japan (which makes sense since they are so big in Japan)

All the financial worries plus the recent downtime over the weekend and Twitter’s lead architect leaving makes for a slightly worrying future for Twitter. Here’s hoping they can pull their act together soon.

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11 Responses to “Quoted In Today Newspaper On Twitter!”

  1. Derrick Kwa Says:

    Congrats. Seems like you’re getting building quite a name for yourself as a local social media expert eh?

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    Haha as CC Chapman says, there’s no expert in the space! It changes too fast for anyone to really say they know 100% of what’s going on.

  3. iammyy Says:

    time to discover the love for tumblr yourself ! =P
    so far,i have to say i love tumblr alot ! =)

  4. Jonathan Kong Says:

    Indeed Daryl, there’s a lot going for Twitter to stay up and running. Besides being itself a service for people to keep in touch with one another, it is also part and somewhat a neat tool to create awareness for brands or services. In fact, some of the fastest info/news from the net comes from Twitter as you might have known.

    This bags a question… would you guys paid a little monthly or yearly fee to continue using their service? Or, be ads tolerant? ;D

    lookup @jonathank at Twitter. Great weekend ahead guys!

  5. blogscapes Says:

    Thanks for the update on Twitter … I wonder if it will become more popular than blogs given the increasingly shorter attention span and restlessness of society today.

    Oh, just read an article in ComputerWorld about Asia’s blogging boom and read your comments there. Glad to know that there’s a local blogger rep in the panel! cheers

  6. corn Says:

    TWITTER BOY!!!! hello! We saw u on Daily Alerts!

    You are a celebrity now (just like yunying)

    Greetings from Sydney!

    Corny, Carol, Teck, Jac, Kenny

  7. Daryl Tay Says:

    @iammyy: I don’t post a lot of media other than blogging and Twittering… doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    @Jonathan: Thanks Jonathan. I would definitely be tolerant to ads on Twitter. Paying a fee well…. I’d have to say probably not.

    @blogscapes: Thanks I saw that article too. I’m not sure Twitter will be more popular than blogs, but it’s definitely a good alternative. I feel Twitter is used more for like what happens “between” blog posts rather than replacing them entirely.

    @Corn: I can’t believe you guys read Daily Alerts while on holiday! Thanks for dropping by and come back safe! (even you, Kenny!)

  8. hannah Says:

    Wahoo! Very cool. Makes me feel honored to be following you on twitter =)

  9. Twitter and Haikus « Blogscapes Says:

    […] following will shed more light on Twitter and micro-blogging: Unique Frequency and […]

  10. Daryl Tay Says:

    Hannah, hey I’m not the one managing a huge social media jobs database! Which reminds me I should be looking for a social media internship soon….

  11. Michele Says:

    Does anyone but me have a problem with providing twitter complete access to your personal email address book? My concerns are several but the most glaring are that they are accumulating email address for a gigantic spam effort and, once inside, what’s to stop them from indexing all emails and appropriating sensitive information from email content?

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