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Relationships vs Impressions (Re: Snapfish) And A Little Bit Of Metrics

March 15, 2008

Interactions with Snapfish got me thinking about relationships vs impressions again.

I clicked on their Facebook ad (one click through) and from then told about 8 people about Snapfish (of which 5 signed up), blogged about it (leading to 10 clicks) and got one comment saying the Snapfish pictures were “excellent”.

How many Facebook impressions do you think that’s worth? What’s the percentage of people would you want to be your real brand advocates via a relationship? Would that be a percentage of the people who click through? Or our of the entire population who was exposed to the ad via impressions? Interesting questions for marketers in new media to answer in the coming times.

Snapfish Batch #2

March 12, 2008

Just before the promotional period ended, I ordered something like 311 photos for a grand total of about $21. That’s 11 cents per 4R photo, without even having to leave my computer! All this from one Facebook advertisement. Amazing!

It almost makes me feel like buying a photo printer so I can do it myself, but the convenience of just clicking how many prints I want and having it delivered straight to my doorstep is too good to compromise right now.

Snapfish Report

March 10, 2008

So I blogged about the first time I actually clicked on an ad on Facebook (or anywhere for that matter) for Snapfish. I placed my order Monday night and got the prints Friday afternoon. Not bad in terms of speed.

Snapfish Delivery

Quality wise, I think they look fine. Some pictures look a little blurry but that’s because others were playing around with my camera so they might not have been used to it.

In short, I’d recommend Snapfish to everyone, especially since it’s 9cents per 4R print from now till Wednesday. One favour though, if you do intend to sign up, please let me know! I get “referral prints” if I refer you via email!

Twitter 101

January 29, 2008

I’m a relative newcomer to Twitter, but I’ve been looking for ways to use it better than just a Facebook status updater. Lo and behold, out comes a post on my feed (actually I think it could’ve been my Readburner feed) on 17 Ways To Use Twitter.

Another article that got pushed to my feed is Newbie’s Guide To Twitter from Webware, which has guides to Facebook, Flickr and Google Reader too. Definitely a must-visit for newcomers to Web2.0 like myself

In other news, I’m really upset about the bandwidth limitation for Flickr. (100mb a month, and that’s not space, that’s bandwidth). I’m not annoyed enough to stop using it because I really like the sharing options, but I’m doing some research on other sites like Photobucket, Webshots, Picasa and maybe even Shutterfly. Let me know if you have opinions on these or any other photo-hosting sites.

Late Comr To Flickr

January 25, 2008

I just got onto Flickr and I’m still getting the hang of it. I can’t really decide if I want to just use Facebook, or use both Facebook and Flickr. (is there a good application for transferring photos back and forth? those I’ve tried just aren’t doing it for me.)

Comparison: Flickr Album and Facebook Album

The downside to Flickr at the moment, is that being a free blog on wordpress, I can’t get the Flickr Badge to appear on the sidebar. (So I’ll put it here)

edit: I couldn’t get it to appear here either, so the Flickr Badge is at my personal blog on the top right. Apologies for the back and forth.

So to everyone else: Which do you prefer? Facebook? Flickr? Something else like Picasa? Or a combination of some? Let me know.
Update: Flickr takes an aweful long time to upload (compared to Facebook). I think I’m going to have to fully explore what (if any) social benefits there are, before I think about using it again…. If you’re a Flickr user, please let me know what I’m missing out on!!