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Blogging Yields Fruit (Like An Internship)

May 13, 2008

Remember why students should blog? Well I’m happy to announce that the third internship worked out and I start on Wednesday. Exact details won’t be posted because of confidentiality issues, but suffice to say it’s social media related.

To me the biggest value is to be thrown into the “real world” and see if the stuff I’ve been blogging about makes sense, or am I living in this dream from the outside looking in. Could be a harsh slap of reality, but better now than later.

The downside is that it’s only six weeks (because I’ve committed the whole of July and half of August to my previous employer, MTV to work on the MTV Asia Awards held in Malaysia. That is going to be a blast!

However, rest assured the blogging here will not be changed in anyway. I definitely won’t be blogging about work unless given express permission, and if I do, it will be fully disclosed. I might end up blogging less than normal because of work hours, but that’s what RSS is for! (Don’t know how to subscribe, here’s my handy guide).

Finally, I want to thank everyone who’s been reading, commenting or interacting with this blog in any way. This could be the best blog in the world (it’s not), but if no one was reading it, it would be useful. So thanks for supporting me by reading, talking to someone else about me, attending Social Media Breakfast: Singapore. It’s because of you that I landed this internship. So let me end this post with: thank you for reading


My Social Media Breakfast: Singapore 2 Challenge

May 9, 2008

The attendee list on the Facebook Event page for Social Media Breakfast: Singapore 2 has been at 40 people for a couple of days now, about 60% were present at the first one. This is good in the sense that we’ll be familiar with each other and really move the conversation forward and talk about the crazy issues that plague all of us who’re trying to figure out the space.

However, there’s also something missing. New blood! I talked before about the fishbowl and being insular
, and if we want the landscape of social media to change, we have to reach out. To people who are just entering the social media domain, to people who are curious but still on the fence, to people who don’t even know about this world yet!

So here’s the challenge: Convince one other person (friend, classmate, colleague, family) that this is worth their while. Let them know it’s newbie friendly, after all, most of us are new to the space anyway!

That’s the mission if you choose to accept it, come back and let everyone know how it went by posting in the comments section!

Social Media Breakfast: Singapore 2! 24th May 2008

May 5, 2008

As Sham has already reported, SMB:S2 will be happening in three weeks on the 24th of May, 2008. All the details can be found at the Facebook event page.

Who should come?

Anyone interested and passionate about the social media space, be it blogging, podcasting, social networks, micro blogging etc. What this event is not, however, is a blogger outing that is so popular around Singapore. Read up about the original event and check out the blog coverage if you think you might be interested!

ps: The event is open to all so feel free to invite fellow friends to the Facebook event page, hopefully people who can help move the conversation further.

There’ll definitely be more news and updates as and when it happens, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, we already have 19 confirmed guests on the Facebook event page, won’t you be one of them too? What would you like to see that this SMB? More structure? A proper format and/or discussions? Let me know and we’ll see how we can factor it in.

First Social Media Breakfast: Singapore A Success!

March 30, 2008

About 40 people turned up for the first Social Media Breakfast: Singapore at Frujch today and it was a really good experience for me and I just wanted to thank everyone for getting up early on a Saturday to have breakfast at 9am.

It never ceases to amaze me how “flat” interactions are between people involved in social media (ie I can be a student but people doing real research and real work are still interested in what I have to say on certain issues and vice versa). I don’t have pictures (because I was too busy running around) and I’m sure videos will be posted by Michael and Andre in the coming days, so look out for that.

Before going further, I just need to clarify that SMB: Singapore was not organised as part of the social media course I’m taking in SMU. I don’t get a grade for this. In fact, Derrick, who isn’t in SMU, started the ball rolling and I just joined him for the ride. The aim, as emphasised in my earlier post is community.

So, here are my memorable experiences (in no particular order):

Finding out (aka Brad) is a guy and introducing him to the other foodie in the room, Amelia.

Finding out Jean is a researcher in life science (which you would not expect from a social media person). Thanks Xiao Hui for the introduction.

Meeting Andrew whose passion is virtual worlds.

Discovering Michael’s very cool site: Comiqs.

Putting faces to people like Michael Cheng, Debbie, Joanna, Brian, Enning & Supriya.

And meeting people I never even knew online before like Coleman, Hisham, Ridzuan, Yu Hui, Robert & Kenneth.

Of course, it was great seeing people from social media class: Andre, Amelia, Nabilah, Lydia, Yunying & Xiao Hui. As well to Prof. Michael who dropped by despite having classes to teach today.

Finally I need to say a big thank you to Derrick (for the initial idea to start SMB: Singapore), Sheylara (for really doing a lot of work to get it going and reminding me that if you wanna do something, gotta do it well), Nabilah for kindly letting us use Frujch even when they don’t open on Saturdays and Caleb for appearing out of nowhere and sponsoring SMB:Singapore for everyone. I think one thing the organisers felt really took off was the tagging concept (as explained in our video), but credit has to go to everyone who was game enough to help the activity take off.

Ps: I just know I missed out some people and there are people I didn’t even get to talk to today. So sorry about that, but hey, that means we gotta have another such event soon to make amends! Also, it was sad that Kevin and Vanessa couldn’t make it because they were speaking at NUS (I guess Kevin couldn’t have made it anyway unless he Skyped). Next time us Singaporean social media people must schedule properly! (And thanks for the Tech65 crew for postponing their podcast recording just to make it down. Means a lot!)

I have to say if today’s response, interaction and conversation is anything to go by, the social media community in Singapore is definitely present and definitely posed to progress strongly in the future. So if you’ve been a passive reader or consumer of the blogosphere and social media, it may be that time to get your virtual feet wet and jump right in.

Well that’s it for the first Social Media Breakfast: Singapore. Stay “tuned” for the blogosphere coverage that should occur over the weekend and I’ll post all the links up either late Sunday or early Monday. I’m really looking for feedback on today’s session, so any discussion in the comments or email would be greatly welcome and appreciated!

If you’d like to be in the mailing list for the next SMB: Singapore, just contact me directly or leave a comment below.

Sheylara And I Present: Social Media Breakfast Video

March 26, 2008

Sheylara and I met up just yesterday to squeeze out this video to serve as a trailer for Social Media Breakfast: Singapore happening on Saturday (full disclosure: she did most of the work and deserves most of the credit). Check it out:

I’ve been asked a few times what exactly the Social Media Breakfast is for. To me, it’s mainly for networking and meeting like-minded people who are into the social media space. That said, I think it’s perfectly fine if anyone feels that the main purpose is for fun or socialising or anything like that.

The other question is whether discussion has to be about social media, and I think the answer is no. I think it’s great to talk about the last movie you watched, or what you usually have for breakfast, or if you are a Twitter-addict. Anything goes. I suspect the true magic and connections will materialise after the event, when these relationships are allowed to grow both online and offline, as CC Chapman alludes to from his SXSW experience.

The ultimate goal of Social Media Breakfast? To me, as a believer of Mitch Joel’s belief of building communities and Joseph Jaffe’s belief of creating and joining conversations, the ultimate goal would be to really build up the social media community in Singapore, regardless of individual usages, be it personal, work, school or play.

If you’re interested in attending the event, the Facebook event page can be found here. Breakfast is $4 a person, but you will receive the personal tagging kit free!

If you need to speak to anyone to clarify anything, there’s me, Derrick or Sheylara online, or on Twitter at @uniquefrequency, @derrickkwa, @sheylara. See you on Saturday!

29th March 2008 – Social Media Breakfast: Singapore

March 18, 2008

Wow so many people have gotten excited about SMB: Singapore. Derrick and I are really excited to get it going!

Both Claud and Derrick suggested creating a Facebook event, so I did and you can find it here.

Big thanks to Nabilah from Frujch who’s helping us out with the venue and has even been kind enough to waive the venue booking fees! Do check out their food too. Porto bello mushroom sandwich is excellent.

Both Derrick and myself are contactable via Twitter: @derrickkwa @uniquefrequency

I’m going to try to do something to explain the personal tagging kit (it will be low budget I’m afraid), so look for that coming soon!

29th March 2008: Social Media Breakfast: Singapore

March 17, 2008

If you use social media in any way (blog/podcast/use Youtube/use Flickr/use Facebook/etc), come for Social Media Breakfast: Singapore next Saturday, 29th of March 2008!

This is a little experiment that Derrick Kwa (from Adventures in Social Media #1) thought of doing, and was generous enough to invite me along for the ride. The objective of the breakfast is simply to meet like-minded people who are into the social media scene, expand your network and of course have fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in social media from a business standpoint or a social standpoint, everyone’s invited because you never know who you’d meet!

Currently Derrick and I have two rules:

  1. Everyone’s equal. When it comes to Social Media Breakfast, there’s no difference if you’re a CEO or a student. Everyone has something of value to contribute and everyone should be treated that way
  2. Law of Two Feet applies. If a particular conversation or discussion is not getting you what you want, feel free to move on.

Both are nods to PodCamp rules and we’re sure they’re not hard to follow!

Finally, we will be borrowing an idea from Jeff Pulver regarding personal tagging. I’ll let the man explain it himself:

The venue we’re looking at is either going to be TCC at SMU or Frujch. Either way it will be in the SMU area, so it’s pretty convenient. Also, because it’s our first time trying this out there are no sponsors involved, so you have to pay for your own breakfast and we hope that’s not too big a problem! We’ll clarify the final date and time within the week.

So if you’re coming, leave me a comment or drop me an email: uniquefrequencyATgmailDOTcom or message me on Twitter and we’ll see you on the 29th!