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10 Relationships vs 5 Million Impressions? (And a Scrabulous Jingle)

February 2, 2008

Jaffe Juice #102 was released with perfect timing, on a day that I had lots of driving around to do. The beginning, a Scrabulous introduction is hilarious and well worth listening to, though of course, not the only thing you should listen to.

Early in the podcast, there’s a conversation about whether you would prefer 10 good relationships or 5 million impressions. Just one person in a room full of professionals¬†voted for 10 good relationships. Perhaps some reason can be attributed to the fact that the numbers really are very far apart, and I suppose even for someone who wants to go down the relationship path, it might be hard explaining why you’d want to spend so much money on 10 relationships vs 5 million impressions, especially to a boss who’s well stuck in old marketing.

That said, I’m actually pretty curious about what number it would have to be before people start agreeing with 10 relationships. 3 million? 1 million? I was thinking to myself the other day that I wish I had done my Advertising module later, because I know so much more about new media and new marketing now than I did 4 months ago, and I have no doubt the new ways can be equally if not more effective. However, I’m reminded that unfortunately, the client and to some extent the professor, still graded very much on old marketing, which is sad.

What could be a worse situation than having the knowledge of how to make things better, but have people around you who don’t realise or recognise it?


Good News For Podcasting

January 21, 2008

As reported by Advertising Age, advertisers and marketers are beginning to turn to podcasts for places to sell (or at least create a presence) for their products.

I think that’s pretty interesting for people thinking about doing their own podcasts (I keep thinking about Scooter groups on WetPaint). After all, even the people who do Mugglecast are getting money and stuff (I say stuff because it ranges from Subway coupons to other things).

I guess the biggest draw here is not so much the amount of reach, but who you’re reaching. Harry Potter merchandisers could easily tap into Mugglecast, Pottercast and the others out there, and of course, Scooter wheel retailers could target Scooter groups. Better ways to spend marketing dollars, no?