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My First Audio Interview

April 1, 2008

I’ve been sitting on this for awhile, but this is my first audio interview with four fellow bloggers: Amelia, Jacqueline, Nabilah and Calin. They came down one sunday to be special guests on my radio show on SMU Campus Radio (very creatively called The Talk Show), and talked about social media in general and blogging in particular.

I think it’s a very open, sincere and insightful interview with four people who have just started figuring out the whole social media space together with me. It’s not as organised as I’d like it to be as I had to cut out the music due to copyright issues, but I definitely think it’s worth your time nonetheless. Do give it a listen!

I couldn’t find a way to embed it on WordPress, so listen to it here. Doesn’t take long to load!

Using Scents As Marketing?

February 28, 2008

People have different ways of deciding where to eat:

  • convenience (that’s me)
  • price
  • food quality
  • service
  • length of queue (if you’re Singaporean)

How about scent/smell of the place as you pass it?

There’s this eatery tucked away at Serene Centre and I swear we’ve eaten everywhere in the building, but that place. Two nights ago, we walked past fully intending to go somewhere else for dinner, but the aroma coming out of it was superb and we decided to give it a try. True enough the food was excellent.

I like food, but I’m nowhere near the foodie that Amelia is. So naturally this tale takes on a more marketing/advertising perspective for me. How much does the smell come into play when you decide to eat? Granted, it’s not a typical foodie metric, but it seemed to work in this case, right? I gotta look for other instances where restaurant aromas have translated into positive word of mouth.

One aspect where the restaurant’s branding didn’t quite work out: I remember the smell but not the name of the place, so sadly my directions can be no more specific than “the corner of Serene Centre, opposite the videogame store”. oh the irony.

Twitter 103: Apps For Twitter

February 6, 2008

Fimoculous introduces six apps that will probably help enhance your Twitter usage. My favourite of the lot is by far TweetScan.

Jac, Amelia and myself were thinking about how Twitter can be used for us, and a quick TweetScan search on “photography” quickly turned up some results that would probably of use to Jac, and I’m sure searches for food would yield similar results.

I think I’ve read quite a bit on Twitter, and I’m ready to progress to Twitter 201 which will talk about how us regular bloggers (ie the non-famous people of the world), may actually have practical uses for Twitter. This’ll probably occur after Chinese New Year, so stay tuned!