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SMU Seniors’ Flash Mob

April 6, 2008

The SMU seniors decided to have a flash mob where they decided to lie down in the middle of the concourse to celebrate their last day of school, check out the video (the organisers have a little interview at the end):

The interesting thing is the flash mob did have a social media hand guiding it. A Facebook event, Jacqueline’s post along with well-placed tweets on Twitter like:

Flash Mob Tweets

Eventually a lot of the word spread online and definitely in real life, leading up to the event you just saw. Pretty amazing isn’t it? (A quick Tweetscan shows that many people around the world are using Twitter to announce flash mobs!)

Oh I’m not usually a video person and I know the video looks like it was just pieced together (because it was). I’m sure the pros will be doing a better one, my intention is to get the word out and show that social media does get real life events into motion!

Where Did SMU = NTU Ad Go??

March 19, 2008

Wanida picked up the NTU advertisement post and posted it on Sg_ljers, which got quite a conversation.

Keen eyes noticed that if you try to search for it right now, the NTU ad is no longer there. Here’s the screenshot taken at 11:13pm (click for bigger picture).

No NTU Ad?

So I’m calling out NTU to respond either here or at Sg_ljers or anywhere on the internet: What happened to your ad? Did you read about this and remove it? Did it run out of budget? (Nods to Amelia).

Whatever the reason, why was it done in the first place? Clearly the corporate communications department is new media savvy enough to use AdWords, now use that same ability to respond to the conversation! I think the blogosphere should know what’s going on.

Google SMU = Get NTU?

March 19, 2008

Google SMU Singapore (Singapore Management University) now and you’ll get this result (click for bigger picture):

Google “SMU + Singapore”

The top result? A fake paid link by NTU (Nanyang Technological University). I understand Google can be gamed, but do we really need to do this? Is it bordering on unethical behavior? What do you think?

Edit: Note that I’m not making a big deal out of NTU appearing on an SMU search. It happens with Google and it’s okay. The point is that the paid link says “SMU Singapore” but the URL link is “”. Clearly misleading.

29th March 2008 – Social Media Breakfast: Singapore

March 18, 2008

Wow so many people have gotten excited about SMB: Singapore. Derrick and I are really excited to get it going!

Both Claud and Derrick suggested creating a Facebook event, so I did and you can find it here.

Big thanks to Nabilah from Frujch who’s helping us out with the venue and has even been kind enough to waive the venue booking fees! Do check out their food too. Porto bello mushroom sandwich is excellent.

Both Derrick and myself are contactable via Twitter: @derrickkwa @uniquefrequency

I’m going to try to do something to explain the personal tagging kit (it will be low budget I’m afraid), so look for that coming soon!

29th March 2008: Social Media Breakfast: Singapore

March 17, 2008

If you use social media in any way (blog/podcast/use Youtube/use Flickr/use Facebook/etc), come for Social Media Breakfast: Singapore next Saturday, 29th of March 2008!

This is a little experiment that Derrick Kwa (from Adventures in Social Media #1) thought of doing, and was generous enough to invite me along for the ride. The objective of the breakfast is simply to meet like-minded people who are into the social media scene, expand your network and of course have fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in social media from a business standpoint or a social standpoint, everyone’s invited because you never know who you’d meet!

Currently Derrick and I have two rules:

  1. Everyone’s equal. When it comes to Social Media Breakfast, there’s no difference if you’re a CEO or a student. Everyone has something of value to contribute and everyone should be treated that way
  2. Law of Two Feet applies. If a particular conversation or discussion is not getting you what you want, feel free to move on.

Both are nods to PodCamp rules and we’re sure they’re not hard to follow!

Finally, we will be borrowing an idea from Jeff Pulver regarding personal tagging. I’ll let the man explain it himself:

The venue we’re looking at is either going to be TCC at SMU or Frujch. Either way it will be in the SMU area, so it’s pretty convenient. Also, because it’s our first time trying this out there are no sponsors involved, so you have to pay for your own breakfast and we hope that’s not too big a problem! We’ll clarify the final date and time within the week.

So if you’re coming, leave me a comment or drop me an email: uniquefrequencyATgmailDOTcom or message me on Twitter and we’ll see you on the 29th!

New Entrants To The Blogosphere

February 1, 2008

While the discussion about Facebook fatigue is making its rounds on the internet, I thought I’d post something of cheer and invite you to welcome two friends of mine to the Blogosphere:

Amelia is hosting a food blog, and I assure you that you don’t have to be a foodie to check out her blog. I actually enjoy messing around in the kitchen from time to time, so this is going to be a favourite of mine.

Next we have Jacqueline who is hosting a photography blog. Photography is something I’ve picked up only recently in November 2007, and Jac’s pictures continually blow me away (not to mention I’m insanely jealous of her fisheye lens).

Both Jac and Amelia were fellow travellers with me in New York over the December holidays, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy their blogs as much as we enjoyed food and photography together in New York. We’re all also current classmates in a social media class in SMU, and I’d love for you to join their communities and enjoy their passion!

Basic Carpark Economics

January 24, 2008

For the third day this week, I find myself parking in the reserved lots in SMU, indirectly opening myself up to getting my wheel clamped, and paying $100 to get it released.

I think for most of us, this is a fairly new phenomenon, and lots were readily available, if not abundant 6 to 12 months ago. So what has changed?

Looking around the school, we have many talks, seminars courses and the like happening on a daily basis. Putting basic demand and supply to place, the school just clearly has expanded these various sessions, without the consideration that our carpark lots are not going to expand in proportion (or rather, at all).

Personal feeling aside, what does this communicate about the school? For one, if i’m a company holding one of these sessions in this school, but people coming for my sessions have problems finding parking to get to my sessions (keep in mind that these sessions are probably costing me money), then I’m just going to hold my sessions elsewhere in future.

Secondly, it tells the public that there’s no internal communication within the school. Holding more of these talks than the infrastructure can take, without considering the consequences, doesn’t really say much about a business school, does it? I really find it hard to believe that the school teaches operations management and business processes, but doesn’t seem to apply it to our own operations.