5 Responses to “RSS 101 – Change Your Online Usage Now!”

  1. blogscapes Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I signed up with Bloglines some time ago but have not logged in in ages. Hm..I’m just wondering, if we used the Google Reader, does it mean that our friends don’t get the hit counts?

  2. Daryl Tay Says:

    Hi blogscapes, thanks for dropping by! If you use Google Reader (or any RSS reader in general), it gets picked up as hits, but it’s indicated that they are read from an RSS feed. Or at least it does for WordPress.

    Just as an add on to that topic, I love hit counts too, but at the same time if someone bothers to subscribe to your blog, that person is a real valuable reader as opposed to someone who stumbles on your blog randomly and counts as a “hit”.

    By the way, consider me subscribed to yours!

  3. blogscapes Says:


    Thanks for the info. You are so right – having a regular audience is better than having the odd hit. Thanks for reading Blogscapes – do drop by with your comments too. Cheers

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  5. Barrett Rossie Says:

    Daryl: Thanks for this article. Very handy!

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