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Twitter And RSS Inversely Related?

April 8, 2008

I used to read no less than 100+ feeds coming into Google Reader a day. My current reading pattern looks something like this:

As you can see, most days I read less than 60, some days even less than 30. The difference? I’ve been using Twitter a lot more and clicking on links that people are sharing via Twitter. I’m assuming I only have so much attention for information online, and this is a natural selection process. (Let’s not even get to my close to non-existent FriendFeed usage).

Has anyone else noticed this trend? I know @stripedshirt and @MikeReynolds posted tweets saying they identify with the trend, while Louis has a great blog post on why he has no issues with information overload. Anyone else?

Blogs I’m Subscribed To: March

April 2, 2008

A regular feature on this blog, here are the other blogs I subscribed to in March which I feel should be shared with the community:

A VC – I have no interest in VC, but every now and then there’s interesting stuff on social media that I read and enjoy. is a great site keeping up with social media in the business setting.

I like Student Blog Project because the notion of using web2.0 in education is a curiosity of mine and I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon it on early in the month.

Inside PR is one of the many podcasts that I’ve added to my Ipod (soon to be Ipod touch) this month. I think it’s a great listen to keep up with what’s happening in the PR scene in Canada. Their recent episode talks about interns not wanting to do admin work (?!). Dave & Terry: I will be in Canada later in the year and will be happy to do admin work on top of whatever else you require.

Pamela, who I also follow on Twitter has a great blog, and us PR/social media students have to stick together!

I also added: and PR 2.0 by Brian Solis
Digital Influence Mapping Project by John Bell
Andy Wibbels
Influential Marketing Blog by Rohit Bhargava
Ubernoggin by Intellagirl aka Sarah Robbins.
Winextra by Steven Hodson
PR and Comms Network

As always, if you have a blog you think I should be subscribing to, please feel free to leave it in the comments section. I’m currently a little overwhelmed by my feeds, but anything that adds value will still be greatly welcome.

Tomorrow: Blogs I’m Subscribed To: Singaporean edition. Lots of good stuff, I promise.

Icio Week 10

March 9, 2008
  • Want more subscriptions? Do what Chris Brogan does: Ask!
  • Chris Clarke tells you why you should be an expert in some field to bring something special to the table. (Told you this guy only writes good stuff)
  • Maybe we’re not facing Facebook fatigue? Statistics suggest there are still plenty of unique visitors on Facebook. Maybe it’s the early and/or late majority catching up?

Breaking: Get On AssetBar Now!

February 13, 2008

For all you early adopters, the AssetBar invites have been re-opened over at Louisgray, don’t miss it this time!

There’s a little technical requirements with OPML, but just click at the buttom of the page for a simple guide on YouTube.

I’ve already signed up and am very, very excited to explore the social features of sharing what essentially is your RSS feeds.

If you do sign up, do add me as a friend as well, my user name is uniquefrequency (surprise!)

Yet Another Centraliser: LinkRiver

February 13, 2008

Louisgray is very quickly becoming one of my top “must reads” whenever something comes from his RSS feed. Late January he alerted the blogosphere about AssetBar, and now he has the latest on LinkRiver.

So we already use Google Reader or some other RSS reader, why LinkRiver? Without trying it out yet, the biggest draw for me is that is aggregates everything from your RSS feeds to Twitter to bookmarks into one central location. As Louis says:

harnesses your RSS streams from multiple services, including Google Reader shared items, Twitter,, Yahoo! Bookmarks and others, and posts them to a single “Stream”. As your friends join the service, or you choose to subscribed to other LinkRiver users, these small streams become a “River” of shared links, hence the name.


To get a real good idea, check out Louis’s stream right here. I for one am already sold and have sent in my beta application.

The one negative that I can see coming out of it is if someone is pushing similar feeds on social bookmarks, Google Reader and Twitter, and then it could get very tiresome to deal with. I suppose we’ll find out soon won’t we?

Do you keep your feeds/updates central? Or is there some other way you keep on top of everything? Let me know.